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Human Rights Tattoo Nepal

On March 1, 2020, a truly extraordinary event unfolded in the heart of Nepal—the Human Rights Tattoo. This remarkable occasion coincided with International Wheelchair Day and was orchestrated in collaboration with the Jawalakhel Sports Club. The venue, Ageno, The Hestia, Ward No. 4, Dhobighat, Lalitpur, served as the canvas for an inspiring endeavor. Over the span of five hours, our team had the distinct honor of working alongside them, skillfully tattooing the profound essence of human rights onto the skin of 52 individuals.

The significance of this event transcended the artistry involved, as it was a powerful statement in support of human rights. The chosen date, aligned with International Wheelchair Day, added a layer of inclusivity and emphasized the universality of these fundamental rights. The collaboration with the Jawalakhel Sports Club further underscored the diverse and inclusive nature of the initiative.

The venue, Ageno, located in Ward No. 4, Dhobighat, Lalitpur, served as a symbolic space for the convergence of art and advocacy. The Hestia, with its welcoming atmosphere, provided a fitting backdrop for an event dedicated to the noble cause of human rights.

Coverage by The Himalayan Times of Nepal

The Human Rights Tattoo initiative is a global movement with a lofty goal—to inscribe every letter of the complete Universal Declaration of Human Rights onto the bodies of 6773 individuals. What makes this initiative truly exceptional is its inclusiveness; it invites participation from anyone who identifies as a human being. The act of being tattooed becomes a profound statement of solidarity with the principles enshrined in the declaration.

As of now, the movement has made significant progress, with 3500 words from the declaration already finding a permanent place on human canvases across the globe. Each tattoo represents a commitment to upholding the principles of human dignity, equality, and justice. The global reach of this initiative showcases the shared belief in the importance of acknowledging and promoting human rights, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

certificate from Human Rights Tattoo to Jads Tattoo

In summary, the Human Rights Tattoo event in Nepal on March 1, 2020, stands not only as a testament to the skillful artistry involved but, more importantly, as a collective statement affirming the universal importance of human rights. The inked words on the skin of 52 individuals echo a resounding call for a world where the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are not just ideals but tangible realities for all.

1cm2 of your skin for human rights.

The artists tattooing in this event were John Ma, Bimal Rai (Eek Glass Pani), Pranish Poudel (Hobbit), Pratima Rai (Porku) and Emihang Limbu.

You can read more about this event here.

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